Bootstrap local development

Git Access

The git repository is hosted at GitHub. We have a ‘master’ repository located at This master repository only contains the main branches (master, staging, release etc.)

If you don’t already have a GitHub account, create a new one and add your public SSH key (you won’t get access via HTTP), then fork the repository to your own account, i.e. like so:

# git clone
# cd nuimo-hub-app
# git remote add XXX -f

(where XXX is, of course, your username on github).

Now you are ready to set up your local development environment and join the workflow, just read on!


You will need a local installation of Python 3.5, i.e. on macOS it is recommended to install a recent version of Python 3.5 using homebrew, i.e. brew install python3.5.


If you don’t have the Python 3.5 brew recipe locally you can “tap” it like this:

brew tap zoidbergwill/python

You would need to add /usr/local/opt/python35/bin to your PATH:

export PATH=/usr/local/opt/python35/bin/:$PATH

With that in place, go into the application directory and run make:

# cd application
# make

To make sure that the installation succeeded it’s a good idea to run the test suite:

# make tests

The Makefile installed everything into a local virtualenv, so it is most convenient to activate it and then:

# source venv/bin/activate

If all is well, you can start up a development instance of the application:

# pserve development.ini