Senic Nuimo SDKs


The Nuimo SDKs for all mayor operating systems and platforms help you to quickly implement apps that discover connect to Nuimos. Using our platform SDKs your apps will receive Nuimo gestures and send freely programmable LED output symbols to the device in real-time. Ready-to-run demo apps show how fast and easy it is to write code using the Nuimo SDKs.

Platform SDKs

iOS & MacOS SDK (Swift)

The Nuimo SDK for iOS and MacOS devices. Requires iOS 8.0+ and MacOS 10.10+.

Android SDK

The Nuimo SDK for Android devices. Requires Android 4.3+.

Windows SDK

The Nuimo SDK for Windows devices. Requires Windows 10+.

Linux SDK (Python)

The Nuimo SDK for Windows devices. Requires BlueZ 5.43+ – Please find installation instructions in the Linux SDK repository.

NodeJS SDK (3rd Party)

nathankunicki provides a Node JS module that a helps connect and communicate with Nuimo in Node JS applications. Please note that we do not provide support for this library, use the repository’s issues section instead.

Nuimo’s BLE GATT Profile

Using Nuimo’s Bluetooth Low Energy GATT profile you can connect to Nuimo directly without a platform-specific SDK.

WebSocket Server for MacOS

If your favorite programming framework/language (e.g. JavaScript, Java, Processing) doesn’t support access to Bluetooth Low Energy devices, download and run the WebSocket Server for MacOS on your Mac. The app provides web sockets to read Nuimo input events and to write LED matrices from any programming language with web socket support. Checkout the github repository for documentation and code.